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What are we doing on Social Media?

More women today are interacting with social media brands and networks then men.  Social Media was never really the territorial by gender. More women are stay connected with the news, media through Instagram, Pinterest, tumblr and twitter. The men are dominating on social networks that are tailored for working professionals

Now ask yourselves why are women so dominantly proactive on these social networks?

Well women are more likely to express their selves online. Women use social media more to remain connected with family, friends, classmates, coworkers etc. One of the most common things women tend to do is post a “selfie” picture. “Selfies” are becoming more promenate in the Social media world. The Oscars had the highest record-breaking retweets of selfies. Most of the selfies were women celebrities.  About 18% of women use social media for interaction compared to the 12% that men use.  Women are more on Social media to stay connected with their world, to stay current and to support. Men are more on social media for opportunities. Its expected that there will be an increase in male users in the future. 


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