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Shoes, Fashion and more Shoes


I choose the selfie article because we spend time in our day posting pictures of ourselves online everyday. Our interaction on Social Media shifted from constantly commenting, posting long statuses to Selfie pictures of ourselves. There are over 80 million pictures on Instagram and Twitter of just “selfies”. “Selfie” became more than just a picture of you online.  The “selfie” can display a mood. You can see out of the dominate users of Social media how much are really happy or sad. How many women will you see the “duck face” on?

Selfies. Selfies express body language. There are so many selfies out there that it can be uses. The future of “selfies” will help keep track of how many people wear or do certain things while taking there picture. There are different “selfie” methods. The Oscars 2014 was booming with celebrity’s pictures. This will only increase the “selfie epidemic. 


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